A salute to my workmates in Warsaw


It has been one year since I migrated back to Warsaw, Indiana to fulfill a second assignment at Zimmer, Inc. Today, I feel that it is necessary to salute my workmates there for all that they patiently taught me. Their instruction was not always in a didactic or lecturing sense; rather, it was by their example that I learned many practical lessons in teamwork, leadership, organization, strategy, and management. Medical school life is quite a contrast to life in industry, but the lessons I learned from my workmates in Warsaw, because practical, have proven useful in both domains. Hindsight is 20-20. Looking back, I am so grateful that it took me three years to be accepted into medical school! The intervening time that I spent with my workmates in Warsaw has proven to be of incalculable value again and again here in Halifax. Seriously.

So to my workmates in Warsaw (this is not an exhaustive list) – Marqueling, Hertzler, Kincaid, Varadarajan, Moeller, Bischoff, Penninger, Molden, Fortman, Gillard, Dill, McBride – thank-you for all you taught me, and all the best!




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