Way to Go Team!

News Release – Grand Challenges Canada – S7 0629-01-10


It is my pleasure to congratulate my team on being awarded a Stars in Global Health Award from Grand Challenges Canada!

It’s official: Way to go Team!

My team has been awarded $100,000 from Grand Challenges Canada for our project, “A Maternal Device for the Prevention of Stillbirth and Low Birth-Weight”. We are super excited to kick off this 18-month effort. Our team spans four countries, eight institutions, and some of the most erudite thinkers in the fields of sleep medicine, obstetrics, maternal global health, business, and design. I will lead the project under the auspices of ICChange, GIRHL, and a talented mentorship circle. In our Halifax study, I am joined by Dr. Heather Scott (IWK), Dr. Debra Morrison (CDHA), and Mr. Jesse Wells. In Ghana, I will be joined by my collea gue Mr. Ali Borazjani (GIRHL), Dr. Scott, and Dr. Jerry Coleman and his team (Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital). Meanwhile, we are indebted to the driving force of our support and technical staff at the IWK, CDHA, and ICChange and our apparel industry expert, Ms. Kaishin Chu (Vancouver, BC).

Grand Challenges Canada’s News Release.

Instead of telling you more about”who, what, why, where, when, how” here on my blog, I take a bow to my good friend and brilliant classmate, Mr. Henry Annan, who blogs for the DalMed GHI. Henry caught up with me last week for an interview and wrote about it here.




Grand Challenges Canada

Kaishin Design

I will try to post an update here once in a while, so follow this blog if you wish to receive automatic updates.


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