Early June Update

Below, I have posted a picture of the PrenaBelt. Kai is doing a fantastic job readying over 200 research samples for the Halifax and Ghana trials. Ali (Now Dr. Borazjani, congrats!) is ramping up production of body position sensors that will be inserted into some of the PrenaBelts in Ghana for data collection. The body position sensors will also be tested in the lab in Halifax.

I entitled this post “Early June Update” because I hope that it has an even more exciting brother, “Late June Update”. We are currently waiting on final ethics approval for three ethics applications for the proposed trials in Halifax and Ghana. In addition to this, we are waiting for the blessing of the Ghana FDA, which is contingent upon our securing of insurance coverage (#workinghardonit! drill, ye tarriers, drill). Once we have clinical trial authorization from the Ghana FDA, we will receive an automatic green light from the local ethics board in Ghana.

I plan to join the team in Ghana in mid-July. Stay tuned.

PrenaBelt - back PrenaBelt - side


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